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Hans-Heinrich Hemme  
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Subject: Establishing a Deutscher Wachtelhund Club in North America


Hello Mr. Pepe,


  The VDW was pleased to have you attend our annual Deutsche Wachtelhund meeting.  We are pleased to see the interest in our Deutsche Wachtelhunds in North America and are happy that there are people interested in creating a Deutsche Wachtelhund Club in North America.

  The VDW authorizes you to establish a Deutscher Wachtelhund Club of North America (DWNA).

  The VDW authorizes the DWNA to use and publish our Test Regulations (Prüfnugs Ordnung), Organizational Structure (Satzung) and Breeding Regulations (Zucht Ordnung).   

  The DWNA is authorized to issue Ahnentafels with hunt test results.

  The DWNA may modify VDW test regulations only when required for North American environments, conditions and hunting regulations.  We are aware that each State and Providence has different and separate hunting laws.  The VDW must be informed of all changes made to the Hunt Test Regulations.  Modified juvenile hunt tests must test Wachtelhunds for nose, willingness to trail and loud barking while trailing.  The DWNA should be testing all of your Wachtelhunds with in five years of forming your Club.  Testing results will be reported to the VDW.

  The DWNA will establish an organizational structure similar to the VDW.  The DWNA may modify the VDW Organization when required to meet North American needs.  The initial DWNA organization structure should be established in several years and may change as it evolves.  The VDW must be provided the organizational structure of the DWNA.

            The DWNA shall follow the VDW breeding regulations.

            The DWNA may use the VDW logo and modify it by removing the words - Verein Deutsche Wachtelhunde - 1903, and replacing those words with Deutscher Wachtelhund Club - North America, 2006; if you desire.



Best regards,



Hans - Heinrich Hemme

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