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VDW Hip & OFA Elbow Evaluations


    A number of Wachtelhund owners have had their Wachtelhund's hips evaluated by the VDW, rather than OFA.  This is done for several reasons;
1. VDW issues permanent hip certification after 12 months of age, allowing for earlier planning of breeding at 2 years of age.
2. VDW requires hip evaluations and does not charge for them.  The X-rays become the property of the VDW and are retained on file for 10 years. 

    If a Wachtelhund is not list in the OFA data base or here it has not had its elbows or hips evaluated for dysplasia.


    VDW evaluated Wachtelhunds will be listed here since they will not be included in the OFA data base.  Also preliminary OFA elbow and hip evaluations will also be listed here.  Owner's please send me copies of your VDW and OFA evaluations.  I will maintain a copy and update this listing.



  VDW   VDW           Preliminary OFA      
Wachtelhund   Owner  Hip Cert  #  Elbow  Cert  #   Date Hip  Cert  #  Elbow App #  Date
Bell Vom Flint Hills Dave Pepe HD-B 1778   1778 4/7/2008 Good   Normal 1157731 4/5/2006
Elisabeth Vom Eschenbach Frank Yanz HD-A 2161 Grade 1 2159 a+b 7/2/2009          
Findus Vom Wolfsberg Dave Dyer HD-A 1699   1699 12/4/2007 Good   Normal 1296187 12/3/2007
Joe Vom Eagle River Steve Yanz HD-D 2162 Normal 2159 c+d+e 7/2/2009          
Kallistra V.D. Sagenschmiede Randy Whiting            Fair DW-39F24F-PI

Grade 1

1307713 3/4/2008
Kelly Vom Eagle River Dave Pepe HD-B 2238 Normal 2159,f 7/24/2009          
Quaggo Vom Bellenberg
Emanuel Escher
Quito Vom Morretal Chris VanDamme HD-B 1711   1711 1/9/2008 Good    Normal 1297777 12/14/2007
Xanto Vom Sauerland Bill Wright  HD-A 1352     10/25/2006 Excellent      1232609 9/6/2006